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At DCU Advance, we are dedicated to giving you quick access to secured personal loans online and making your financial life easier. Our personal loan package allows you get fast cash at the click of a button at a minimal interest rate.

Investment Loan

Great things in business are never done by one person, we at DCU Advance give out both short term & long term loans to businesses as an investor or based on an agreement.

Emergency Loan

Life throws surprises at us when we least expect and these emergencies have a way of responding to the weight of our pockets, At DCU Advance, we are dedicated to making your financial life easier and better for such unforeseen moments.

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DCU advance is a foremost credit loan company that offers quick access to secured personal loans online at the push of a button. As your unrelentings partner in progress, we are committed to bringing your dreams to life.

At DCU Advance, we work tirelessly to grow your wealth and provide escape routes for your tight financial situations thereby empowering you financially for unforeseen circumstances. Let us bring your dreams to life.


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We have years of experience in the financial world.


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Guaranteed Loans And Lines Of Credit
Get funded for personal loans, lines of credit, credit cards and other types of funding regardless of your credit situation. Lending amounts start at $100,000 and go as high as $50,000,000. You can receive a guarantee as long as you provide the legal department with accurate, verifiable information.



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